Wall Street’s #1 Fraud: $9 Trillion and Counting

by rogerjameshamilton

In the last two weeks I’ve had an accelerated education in the market manipulation that’s currently taking place on Wall Street. The education has come from a mix of legal and tech experts who have been tracking the practice of illegal naked short selling over the last 20 years, CEOs who have either battled or are battling market manipulation of their shares, and thousands of retail investors who have been calling for regulatory change – some for decades and some more recently after the very public cases of GameStop and GMC.

My conclusion? This is a murky and dark world that has cost companies and investors trillions of dollars, and it is rapidly being exposed through a combination of technology-driven forensics, legal actions, shared CEO strategies and investor advocacy – plus an groundswell of citizens who are tired of getting ripped off by a rigged system.

This is not in the realm of conspiracy theory or conjecture any more. There is a mountain of evidence of illegal wrongdoing and regulatory inaction across 20 years that is both detailed and undeniable. As a leader who believes in freedom, democracy and the power of a crowd to make a difference, what was a single focus to help transform the education system has now become a double focus of not just financing a revolution in education, but education a revolution a finance.

I believe we can make a difference if we work together, and I am also optimistic that change is coming – both from the inside and outside – to how the SEC, FINRA and the NYSE & NASDAQ themselves choose to protect investors with not just controls to prevent internal fraud in companies, but as much controls to prevent external frauds on companies.

Here’s a number of links to activities that took place in another busy week at Genius Group:

On Mon 23 Jan we announced our 2023 guidance. Release here.

On Mon 23 we also held a roundtable livestream with leaders in the Naked Shorts War. Recording here.

On Wed 25 Jan we announced our upcoming EGM. Release here.

On Thu 28 Jan I shared a video which summarizes Wall Street’s #1 Fraud.

We’re now making weekly progress in growing Genius Group both by building our company and army of supporters, as well as taking the actions we need to defend against outside attacks. This is an ongoing journey where we’re learning and I’m documenting as we go. So stay tuned!

Keep fighting,


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